Promoting Nautical
Aeronautical Schooling

Requesting Aeronautical Engineering Education for Children and Adults of All Ages. We are requesting "NASA" grade grants for other schools, other individuals, other companies, and ourselves to program an "Aeronautical Engineering Computer" to help us fly an Earth bound aircraft designed in the likeness of Earth's orbit around our Sun. We strive to work with NASA, our Dept. of Education, our Congressional Committees, and the Pentagon. "Earth bound" means the aircraft flies from airport to airport here on Earth. 

School Project Peace Mission
School Project Peace Mission

Non-profit Organization Working On a School Project Peace Mission

School Project Peace Mission is an outreach of our online organization, Webster's Home Schooling, Inc. Our primary interest as a school is the "Safety of Life at Sea". Yes! Our academic standard is NAUTICAL. We study the "Rules and Regulations" of safe boating for all ages. is our URL. We are a functional 501-C-3 non-profit business that provides study material on the "Safety of Life at Sea" via our USCG "Rules and Regulations: of safe boating. Herein, we put together a NAUTICAL K-Captain approach to introducing math; division or trigonometry, with a Christian background and a Captain's license leadership outlook for God and Country.

With non-profit donations and grants, we aim to let kids and adults work on a very real aeronautical "Flight Evolution" School Project Peace Mission. 

School Project Peace Mission
School Project Peace Mission
School Project Peace Mission

Everyone Needs Peace Plans

There are specific ways to help stop violence in high schools and public places.

  • By adding this Star Wars Peace Mission program on flight evolution into our department of education; federal, state, and local, NASA, and Pentagon.
  • By requesting your local schools, police departments, senators, congressmen, and congresswomen to include this program as an active one with NASA participation.
  • By briefing President Joe Biden that this is a good idea for kids to use this Great Circle Study. All classes, K – Captain, will connect to the same aeronautical engineering computer with flight probability analysis, which is pre-programmed and NASA-verified.
  • By ensuring that every student's stumbling block will be NASA confirmed as known or unknown technology.
  • World Peace needs Russia’s President Putin to withdraw from Ukraine

What the owner has to say about his meeting
with Darth Vader

This is Spencer Wilding of Rouge One's Darth Vader, and I am meeting for the first time at our First Data Field baseball stadium in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. It was July18th, 2019.

"Star Wars Night".

The event was put together by our Port Saint Lucie Police Athletic League as a fundraiser for their local community activities. I simply stood in line with all the other autograph seekers. I asked Mr. Darth Vader; Spencer Wilding, to speak with director Ron Howard and his 'Star Wars' acting team to see if I could be scripted in as his sidekick in a future movie; "Overcoming Eternal War". Darth said: "Yes".

  • Time Will Tell.
  • May the Force Be With You!
  • Nick Webster
  • Respectfully Yours in Christ @ Sea & @ Home!
School Project Peace Mission